Why Your Practice Needs a Patient Self-Scheduling Tool

Let’s face it—the implementation of consumer-focused technology has really shaken up expectations for businesses. Call me lazy, but if I am looking for a place to go out for dinner and I have to call to get a reservation because that restaurant has no online reservation tools, the likelihood is that I might just search for the next best restaurant. The same thing goes for nearly every industry. As reported by the Progress Global Survey, the net global spending on digital transformation in 2018 was approximately $1 trillion. This number is expected to increase to more than $2 trillion by 2022.


The healthcare industry has been notoriously slow to adapt to modern consumer expectations. One of the most pressing needs is having a simple and user-friendly way to schedule patient appointments. Think about it. Simply making the appointment they need is the patients’ first touchpoint with your practice and the ability to do so easily may actually improve health outcomes. By contrast, if your patient has trouble making an appointment with you for any reason, they may just forego care all together. That hurts your practice, and it certainly is not good for the patient.


That’s one of the many reasons why Health iPASS is introducing Book My Doc, our intuitive self-scheduling tool. Book My Doc allows any practice to add a button to their website that instantly links patients to the self-scheduler. There, patients can answer a few customizable screener questions such as insurance provider, desired specialty, and complaint. At that point, the patient is matched with a provider and can request an appointment. All appointment requests can be easily viewed and managed by front desk staff from the Health iPASS dashboard. This type of scheduler is the best of both worlds as it provides convenience for your patients while still allowing your staff to maintain control of the schedule.


Benefits of Book My Doc include:


  • Delivering a simpler way for patients to make appointments
  • Freeing up the limited time of your staff for better in-person patient engagement
  • Providing a better patient experience
  • Reducing the risk of human error
  • Giving your practice a competitive edge over less tech-savvy practice


Book My Doc is available now as a stand-alone tool or as a part of the Health iPASS suite of products that addresses patient engagement and revenue collection from before check-in to the patient’s final payment. For more information on Book My Doc, check out this press release.

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