Patient as a payer IS the new reality.

Is your practice prepared for the consumerization of healthcare?

Health iPASS is redefining the patient revenue cycle by improving the patient experience from appointment to payment. We help providers promote price transparency, build trust and increase operating income by simplifying the check-in process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual patient payments.


Transparency. Convenience. Trust.

Health iPASS enables medical groups to deliver greater convenience for their patients and complete transparency into cost of care before-, at- or immediately post-service through a multi-channel patient engagement platform.

Health iPASS was built to bring transparency and clarity to the patient payment process.

Take a moment to watch this overview video of how Health iPASS goes to work when a patient leaves your practice – we promise it will be the most productive 3:00 minutes of your day. Click the video block to play.

Our Solution

Assures patient payments with point-of-service (POS) collections and card-on-file payment assurance from patients at check-in to process any residual balances, copays, deductibles or co-insurance

Accelerates collections by automatically collecting the patient-responsible portion, either at POS or within 3-5 days of claim adjudication

Increases income by eliminating patient bad debt, reducing denied claims, and reducing the cost of patient billing and collections

Delights, empowers, and engages patients with a price transparent consumer-like experience by providing cost estimates before, at, or immediately after their visit

Image of Health iPass dashboard interface

Comparative Cash Flow Calculator

How do you compare against industry benchmarks?

Use this comparative cash flow calculator to analyze the current health of your patient payment revenue cycle. Please enter a value for each of the fields and click on "Calculate". The extra income you will realize through Health iPASS is listed in the block below.

Please enter estimates if you are uncertain of exact amounts.

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National average is 67% (per CMS)

(The bad news is with high deductible health plans (HDHP) on the rise, this is the best it will look unless something changes.)