The Patient-Centric Payments System

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What We Offer

HealthiPASS’ innovative patient check-in technology ensures quick patient payments while easing operational costs. Our clients achieve patient net collection rates of 90%-96% and collect 3-5 days after insurance adjudication.

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Engage patients through cost transparency and empower them through convenience. Increase patient retention by delighting your patients with peace of mind.

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HealthiPASS is built with a focus on solving today’s growing challenges around patient pay for both patients and providers.


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A few

nice words from a client…

HealthiPASS is a game changer. Nearly 90% of our qualifying patients opt-in. As a result, we no longer worry about collecting the patient portion of the bill.
John Hornberger CEO, Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County

Who We Are

Satisfied & Empowered Patients Fuel Growing & Thriving Medical Groups

Patient payments are now the fastest growing source of revenue for physician office practices and providers of ambulatory care at $200+ billion per year. Our leadership team is passionate about making it easy for your staff and patients. We bring peace of mind, convenience and trust to the process.

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8 ways HealthiPASS improves patient payments

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