Transparency. Trust. Empowerment.

Get used to saying these three words about your patient revenue cycle.


To make you look like a patient revenue cycle Rockstar.

Who We Are (i.e. - HOW we make you look like a Rockstar)

Our leadership team is passionate about streamlining the patient revenue cycle to help medical providers build a loyal patient base and increase operating income. We bring peace of mind, transparency, convenience, and trust to the patient revenue cycle process through an innovative and intuitive solution.

What began as an idea hatched in the garage of our CEO has evolved into the most preferred patient revenue cycle solution available today. We simplify your check-in process and provide you with the tools needed to establish price transparency and payment convenience.

Our mission is to provide you with a patient payment solution that patients LIKE using, and you like because it reduces denied claims and the cost of collections while boosting operating income. Smart.

Our Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of Health iPASS. They are responsible for steering us towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical governance and management policies to ensure we have adequate resources to advance our mission.

Our board brings experience, knowledge, and comprehensive oversight to help us achieve our mission and continue our journey as the most innovative patient revenue cycle company in healthcare. Our team is coached and supported by an experienced group of advisors, industry think tanks, and senior-level executives.

Rajesh Voddiraju

Rajesh Voodiraju is the President and CEO of Health iPASS and also sits on our Board. Rajesh’s strategic leadership and council shepherds Health iPASS to its most efficient use of existing resources that helps us achieve our mission. He plays a leading role in monitoring financial planning and business development and sets the tone through leadership and by example. Rajesh inspires us all and his work ethic and positive attitude are a big part of the engine that keeps us moving.

Thirumal Nellutla

Thirumal Nellutla is the Co-Founder of Health iPASS and also sits on our Board. His long career of technology management experience with IBM and several other Fortune 500 companies spawned a lot of the innovation found in the Health iPASS solution. He’s wicked smart and the kind of guy who hushes a room when he speaks. Oh, and we swear he continues a Bollywood profile in his social life!

Matt Risley

Matthew Risley serves as a partner at QED Investors. Prior to QED, Matt has spent his career in fintech and payments in a variety of roles, including finance, marketing, product development, and risk management serving as the CFO & Chief Credit Officer at European payment unicorn Klarna where he managed Klarna’s machine learning strategy and equity offerings, among other initiatives. Before joining Klarna, Matt advised fintech and large financial services providers on strategy and risk management with Treliant Risk Advisors, a financial services consulting firm. Matt has also had leaderships positions in a peer-to-peer lender, digital student lender, and with Capital One. Matt graduated with a B.S. in economics from Duke University.

Sudhakar Ramakrishna

Sudhakar Ramakrishna is the CEO of Pulse Secure where he oversees all aspects of business strategy and execution. His outstanding business acumen and years of Silicon Valley experience developing and launching client facing IT products is a tremendous asset to Health iPASS. Sudhakar graduated with master’s degrees from both Kansas State in computer science and The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Sudhakar climbs mountains. Not the figurative kind, but real-life mountains. He recently hiked to the summit of Machu Picchu! Way to go Sudhakar.

Robert Saunders

Bob Saunders is a General Partner of OCA Ventures where he chairs the healthcare investing activity. He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of XLereateHealth, a healthcare accelerator in Louisville, KY. Over the last 30 years, Bob has invested in several dozen startup companies and has mentored 100+ startups. Holding degrees from Stanford, the London School of Economics, and Harvard University, Bob brings Health iPASS a strong sense of leadership and wisdom to help us realize our mission.

Mark Bakken

No stranger to the entrepreneurial spirit, Mark Bakken has seen the peaks and valleys of starting, operating, and assuming the risk of new ventures. His past experience includes EHR consulting and IT services and products, with a focus on enterprise computing, e-business infrastructure systems and strategic technology planning. Mark holds a degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fun fact: While an undergrad, Mark designed his own version of the Frogger arcade game!

John Burch

John Burch is a seasoned veteran of the investment industry with over 33 years of business experience, 23 of those in angel and venture investing. He is currently a partner with FCA Ventures primarily responsible for deal generation, due diligence, investment structuring, and portfolio management. John is also active in several community organizations including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. When John isn’t in the office, chances are you can find him doing something prolific in the community.

Our Leadership

Patient payments are now the fastest growing source of revenue for physician office practices and ambulatory care providers, equaling $200+ billion per year. Our leadership team is passionate about helping you redefine your patient revenue cycle to improve the patient experience from appointment to payment. We demonstrate that passion by simplifying the patient payment process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance payments.

Rajesh Voddiraju

Rajesh Voddiraju is the President and CEO of Health iPASS, a patient payment revenue cycle solution health IT vendor. Rajesh drives strategic direction and fearlessly leads our entire team. Rajesh is smart. Really smart. So smart that we now have a jar in the office where we drop in $1 each time we learn something new from Rajesh. The jar has to be emptied once a week.

Imran Ahmad

Imran Ahmad is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Health iPASS where he leads the daily operations. Although we could wax on about his advanced degrees in Economics and Management or talk about how he is a serial entrepreneur with a long track record of success, what we really want you to know is that Imran has a great sense of humor and keeps us on our toes. Without his encouragement, motivation, and awesome disposition, we just wouldn’t be the team we are today.

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VP, Product Management

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Director of Client Success

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Director Of Engineering

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Sr. Solution Architect

Kamal Nellutla

DevOps Leader

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Director of Operations (India)

John Trader

Director of Marketing

Tina Anderson

Director of Growth

John Vezina

VP of Sales

Our Team

Jessica McNamara

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