Patient Pre-Screeners, Now Available With Express Mobile Check-in

The holiday season is still weeks away, but we at Health iPASS believe it’s always a good time to give presents! Our valued clients might have noticed that we have been hard at work adding to our already impressive list of features. New features like patient self-scheduling and two-way texting have been flying off the shelves. What’s the next must-have feature as we look down the business end of another deductible reset headed our way in January?? Patient pre-screeners!


What are Patient Pre-screeners? 

Patient pre-screeners are customizable questionnaires you can add to the workflow of our Express Mobile Check-in. These days, the most common use case would be as a pre-arrival screener for COVID, but there are many more applications for this feature. For example, your practice might want to identify patients whose visit may be associated with a workers’ compensation claim, or who may be struggling with a mental health issue as they arrive at their appointment so you can better serve them. The whole point of the feature is to flag patients who might need extra attention or follow-up before they even set foot in your practice. With Patient Pre-screeners, you are alerted to potential risks ahead of time, right through the Health iPASS dashboard.


Another value-add of this feature is that the patient responses are stored within Health iPASS if you ever need to access those responses at a later date. We love easy ways to document and recall patient information in a HIPAA-compliant manner, don’t you?


Our Health iPASS team is always here looking out for you and your patients, and we are deeply proud of our Development Team for making that happen. For questions on Patient Pre-screeners, or even suggestions for other new features you’d like to see, contact your dedicated Client Success Manager. If you are not yet a Health iPASS client, visit our website to schedule a demo.


If you just need help on your holiday shopping, well, you’re on your own (for now).  

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