Patient Messaging, Now with More Text Appeal!

There’s no doubt about it, having multiple ways to communicate with patients is essential to your practice success. Reaching patients their way reduces no-shows, builds loyalty, and increases adherence to your practice’s policies and procedures. Recent studies have revealed that more patients are choosing to be contacted via text message than over voice or email. Text messaging (otherwise known as SMS or Short Message Service) is quick & easy, and if you are sending appointment reminders via our Health iPASS text messages, your patients can access our Express Check-in workflow with just a tap where they can update their insurance and demographic info, complete digital forms, and make payments. Is it possible to add to that great set of features? The answer is heck yes, and we have done it!


We are proud to announce that Health iPASS now offers two-way text messaging! Patients who receive SMS messages via Health iPASS can now respond, and those messages will appear as a chat stream inside our platform. Your team can use this feature to communicate with patients via SMS in real-time, all tracked inside of Health iPASS. Two-way patient texting is a feature that users asked for, and of course our development team responded.


Two-way texting through Health iPASS is a great way for your patients to communicate quickly with your staff without having to pick up the phone. This feature is perfect for use cases such as when a patient is running late, is having trouble locating your office, or is waiting in your parking lot for an appointment time to begin due to COVID-19 precautions. Because many patients share contact information with family members or caregivers, two-way texting is not intended for communicating sensitive clinical information.


To find out more about two-way texting with Health iPASS, contact your dedicated Client Success manager.

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