Insurance Verification, Simplified With VerifAI!


As a child of the 80s (sorry, dating myself here) I remember pop culture being obsessed with robots. From Disney’s Flight of the Navigator to the much more grown-up The Terminator, all things robotic were just a little magical. These days, we often take such innovations in stride. People hear terms like “robotic process automation” and don’t give it a second thought. However, if you really stop and think about everything we are capable of with the help of technology, it is mind-blowing. I have a little mini celebration in my mind whenever I get to skip something tedious because technology does it for me. Tell me I’m not the only one?


We at Health iPASS are doing the happy dance (virtually) as we introduce our new feature, VerifAI. VerifAI uses optical character recognition and artificial intelligence to pull information off patients’ insurance cards. This is the same technology that allows you to snap a picture of your credit or debit card for payment when you finally buy the stuff in one of your many online shopping carts. Again, not just me– right?


It works like this. As part of our Express Check-in, patients will be asked to verify their insurance information. Rather than typing in all the numbers and letters usually associated with that task, they simply snap a quick pic of the front and back of their insurance cards. VerifAI scans the images and converts the data into printed text, then populates that information into your PM system, including claim submission address. Pretty cool, huh? Not only does this simplify the process for patients, it also eliminates errors caused by manual data entry, reducing claims denials. VerifAI also rids your staff of the frustration of getting patient insurance information over the phone and removes the operational burden of scanning cards at check-in or calling patients back to double-check the insurance info is correct.


VerifAI augments our real-time insurance verification system already used by our platform to reduce demographic-related denials. Your patients will love the ease with which they can update their information. Your staff will appreciate their streamlined workflow. Your practice can sit back and enjoy the reduced claim denials. I promise I won’t tell if you want to say it all happened through the magic of robots.


If you’d like to hear more about Health iPASS, Express Check-in, or VerifAI, visit our website to schedule a demo.

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