5 Tools to Help Your Practice Breathe Easy This Allergy Season

If May’s warmer weather has you wheezing and sneezing, you’re not the only one. Blooming trees and fields of flowers may be nice to look at, but increased pollen and spring breezes can wreak havoc. May is National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month, an event meant to educate and bring awareness to the issues caused by asthma and allergic diseases.

Did you know that over 100 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies? With this many people suffering from itchy, watery eyes and congestion, there is bound to be an uptick in visits to the doctor’s office. Although we don’t have a cure for allergies or asthma, we can help with collecting greater patient payments at a faster rate, while reducing billing costs at the same time. Here’s a checklist of supportive features that will help your practice spring into action.

  1. Patient Engagement Platform: Make managing allergy and asthma patients a walk in the park. Patients can easily schedule appointments, breeze through pre-visit check ins, and chat with their healthcare provider using a secure messaging feature.
  2. Digital Forms: Say goodbye to paper forms! Ease the in-office visit with electronic methods, leaving more time for better care.
  3. Interactive Appointment Reminders: Brain fog got you down? Don’t let this common symptom cause you to miss a visit with your physician. Our automated reminders keep patients up to date and ahead of any appointments or schedule changes.
  4. Cost Transparency: Feeling under the weather not knowing what you’ll owe? Lack of cost transparency shouldn’t come between you and quality care
  5. Smart Online Bill Pay: It’s time to clear the air. The financial side of healthcare can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Digital payment processing solutions make it easier for patients to pay co-pays, deductibles and outstanding balances via a secure online portal.

This month is a great opportunity to assess how your practice’s features work for those afflicted with allergies and asthma. Interested in learning more about National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month? Attend an event, become an advocate or stay connected by visiting allergyasthmanetwork.org.

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