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Before patients even enter your practice, their healthcare journey has already begun, and by utilizing Health iPASS, you can guarantee that you’re delivering top-notch service right from the start.



97% of patients expect to be able to schedule an appointment online

Upgrade your patient experience

Health iPASS pre-arrival solutions improve the patient experience and increase revenue by streamlining the check-in process, reducing administrative tasks, and improving communication with patients

Real-time Integrations

By integrating with most practice management systems, our patient intake and payment platform facilitates real-time updates of critical information such as schedules, demographics, insurance changes, payments, and more.

*The availability of certain features may vary depending on the practice management system being used.


Patients can access, view, and select the most convenient appointment for them in the online scheduling portal through the provider’s website.

The system then automatically confirms the appointment and sends a confirmation to the patient, while updating the provider’s practice management system in real-time.

Interactive Appointment Reminders

Send automated appointment reminders to patients via email, text message, or phone call. Patients can confirm or reschedule their appointment directly from the reminder message.

Reminders can be customized to include details such as appointment time, location, and provider information, as well as any relevant instructions or pre-appointment requirements.

Express Check-in

Allow patients to check-in for their appointment using a self-service kiosk or mobile device, reducing wait times and improving the patient experience.

Patients can complete pre-appointment paperwork, update their personal and insurance information, and make any necessary payments through the check-in system.

Patient Pre-screeners

Enhance the Express Check-in process by incorporating one or multiple pre-screening questionnaires that cater to various requirements such as COVID-19 screeners, workers’ compensation and insurance issues, mental health screeners, and more, providing your staff with crucial information that they need to know before the patient arrives for their appointment.

Insurance Verification

Health iPASS verifies patient benefits by leveraging its connectivity with more than 900 payers, utilizing a powerful rule-based system that accurately identifies the appropriate benefits based on various factors such as provider, appointment type, and more.

Cost Estimator

Provide patients an accurate estimate, improve transparency and patient satisfaction, and reduce denied claims.

Using data from the patient’s insurance plan and the provider’s contracted rates, the Cost Estimator generates a personalized estimate of the patient’s financial responsibility for the specific service or procedure they need.

Rule-based Forms

Health iPASS sets up rules to automatically assign the appropriate set of forms to patients before their arrival, based on various factors such as location, provider, appointment type, and other relevant attributes.

Mobile Patient Intake

With Health iPASS, patients can easily review and consent to policies such as HIPAA, Release of Information, and Financial Policy, as well as complete, clinical forms.

The system automatically posts discrete data and PDFs into the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system, ensuring that all patient information is accurately and efficiently recorded.

Client Testimonial

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“Health iPASS stood out from the competition in the Athena marketplace by offering the truly highest level of Athenahealth integration. Through this integration, our practice has sped up patient wait times, reduced claim denials, and collected more patient dollars all without additional staff. We are very happy with the results we got with Health iPASS, especially in this tough hiring landscape.”

Mujtaba Akhter, Practice Manager at Curewell Care

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