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Health iPASS educational webinars are an excellent source of continuing education and insight into the healthcare revenue cycle. Join us as we assemble some of the brightest minds in healthcare finance including: Health iPASS clients, partners, and industry experts to offer you the opportunity to learn more about revenue cycle strategies, tactics, and best practices that will help you to collect more patient payments, lower the cost to collect, and increase your operating income. 

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2022 in Review: What Happened in Healthcare and What’s Ahead?

As we move into the tail end of 2022, the time is right to take a hard look at the year’s wins and losses. Issues and changes relating to staffing shortages, newly-enacted regulations and an ongoing pandemic affected everything from operations to financials.

Good Faith Estimates: What Providers Need to Know

With the enactment of the No Surprises Act, practices across the country are grappling with uncertainty surrounding the new regulations. Health iPASS, together with the Geneva Eye Clinic, is bringing together industry voices for a webinar that will cover one of the most talked about aspects of the new rule, the GFE.

The Secret to Eliminating Aged A/R

Did you know that your average days in A/R is a key indicator of your practice’s financial health? Many providers these days are seeing patient balances go unpaid for longer and longer periods, then turning into bad debt. There’s a better way.

Why your patient A/R strategy is failing and 3 ways to fix it

Discover why you aren’t collecting patient dollars effectively and 3 ways to fix the problem.

Choosing the right patient intake solution for your practice

How Curewell Immediate and Primary Care narrowed the playing field and chose the right patient intake, check-in, and payment tool to optimize their day-to-day workflows.

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