Digitize your patient billing with Health iPASS and Veradigm

“Health iPASS has become a game changer for our practice. Never before has collecting from patients been so simple and effective.” CEO at Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County

About the Health iPASS & Veradigm Integration

We help you accelerate the check-in process, collect more accurate patient information, reduce staff time spent manually transferring patient data, and perform batch eligibility and benefits checks.

Patient schedules are automatically imported into Health iPASS every morning, and in real-time throughout the current day. Health iPASS can even pull across most patient balances, saving you time and insuring accuracy!

Data retrieved from Veradigm into Health iPASS
Data written back into Veradigm from Health iPASS


Wondering how Greenway users like you have been able to collect more patient payments while reducing costs and staff burden?

Carrie Eller, Director of Operations at Northside ENT says...

“When patients check-in using the Express Mobile Check-in or the in-office kiosk, absolutely everything is done for your staff. The patients are asked to verify all demographics and upload photos of their insurance cards. The platform collects copays and past due balances, and offers multiple payment touchpoints. The cost communication and collection is a super key feature for those front desk staffers who are uncomfortable asking for past due balances.”

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