How we add value to improve your patient revenue cycle:

Promote Price Transparency

Health iPASS displays co-pay/deductible/co-insurance and insurance eligibility in real-time so patients will know their coverage and review estimated costs up-front to eliminate any billing surprises later.

Patients want to see price transparency because they are contributing a larger share of the cost of care each year through higher deductibles and out-of-pocket contributions.

Build Patient Loyalty/Trust

Healthcare price transparency and payment convenience helps strengthen patient relationships and builds loyalty and trust.

Patients keep coming back because they trust you to provide them a clear picture of what they owe and feel valued when they are empowered to take control of their healthcare finances.

Increase Income

Health iPASS simplifies the process to collect, post, and reconcile both time-of service and residual patient payments.

Many providers have realized 90-95% patient net collection rates, slashed denials by over 50%, and have significantly reduced the cost and time to collect by using the Health iPASS solution.

Let us manage your patient payments so you can concentrate on your core competencies!

Health iPASS Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time, actionable check-in and patient pay data to help you optimize practice performance. Monitor patient visits, payments, and end of day charge reports. Gain complete access to patient registry, exception management, and key analytics on patient pay management via the Health iPASS dashboard.

Patient Check-in Splash Screen

Our check-in dashboard is patient friendly and easy to understand to minimize confusion and maximize participation. We do not disrupt or interfere with care delivery or workflow and our smart kiosks blend into your office environment.

These four words...

...are the hallmarks of the Health iPASS patient revenue cycle solution. We help you solidify an efficient approach to patient billing and collections – perhaps the most important client facing communication that demands accuracy and clarity.

  • Payment Assurance

    Eliminate the feeling of being worried about providing care and not getting paid. By providing transparency and convenience, you are assured of collecting patient payments at the time of service.

  • Convenience

    Health iPASS helps expedite fast and easy patient check-in. We lower the cost of billing and collections by eliminating paper billing and mailing in favor of clear, concise e-Statements. Say goodbye to chasing patient payments with your internal staff or third party billing companies. We streamline patient-pay and let you focus on your core competencies.

  • Speed

    Our technology streamlines the self-pay process to maximize up-front collections and ensure you aren’t left on the hook for unpaid medical bills. With Health iPASS, you can realize patient receipts 3 – 5 days after insurance claim adjudication.

  • Efficiency

    Our patient revenue cycle solution streamlines the self-pay process to settle bills quickly and accurately. Automated appointment reminders reduce patient no-shows, insurance eligibility is verified electronically to minimize billing delays and denials, patients can upload credit cards for processing of co-pays/deductibles/co-insurance and to pay any balance owed post insurance claim adjudication, and collection costs are reduced because more patients pay on time and in-full. Efficiency at its best.

Why Health iPASS?

Why is it critical for practice management providers to invest in technologies such as Health iPASS to promote a more open, accountable, transparent, and empowering approach to patient payments?