Price Transparency. Clarity. Convenience.

Patients like you crave simplicity, clarity, and convenience when it comes to understanding and paying medical bills. Health iPASS is a patient revenue cycle tool that lifts the historical veil of complexity and confusion when it comes to understanding and paying for the cost of healthcare, empowering you as a patient to take control.

Through an engaging, user-friendly, and secure solution, Health iPASS accurately displays your out-of-pocket medical costs, offers convenient payment options, and will even provide you with an estimate of what you may owe after your insurance company processes the claim.

We provide tools to help you make smarter decisions about you and your family's care.

How we bring clarity and convenience to paying your medical bills:

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Price Transparency

You will know the cost of your care upfront so you only pay what you owe based on your unique situation.

Health iPASS answers the demand for pre-treatment cost estimates providing you as a patient an important piece of information necessary to make smart decisions about your healthcare.

We also display cost estimates of what you may owe after insurance benefits are applied.

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Health iPASS facilitates fast and easy check-in and accurate billing without the need for paper statements.

Our intuitive solution offers a convenient smartphone app and web portal you can use to check-in, view out-of-pocket expenses owed prior to care delivery, and easily make any changes to your demographic information.

We transform what was once a frustrating, confusing, and burdensome process to one where you the patient are educated, informed, and supported.

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Health iPASS ensures that you only pay what you owe. No further missed payments or collection agencies.

We provide you with accurate information that builds confidence you are in control of your finances and making smart decisions about your healthcare.

Rest assured that you have oversight into the entire billing process and are empowered to make changes and ask questions along the way.


Rest assured that we take extraordinary measures to ensure your Protected Health Information (PHI) and credit card/payment information is kept safe and secure.

We have developed strong risk assessment procedures and enacted systemic checks and balances to develop a strong end-to-end security posture to ensure patient data is protected.

Our entire platform is HIPAA compliant and our payment processing devices are PCI DSS compliant.