Provider Services

Patient-Centric Payment Systems

Features & Capabilities

  • Self-service patient check-in and real-time eligibility verification within provider’s system.
  • Automated collection of co-pay and open balance (if any) at check-in.
  • Presents clear estimates of patient responsibility (not just gross charges) at the time of service.
  • Provides payment assurance by collecting and storing payment information before a patient leaves the office.
  • Automated collection of patient responsibility (deductible, co-insurance) post-adjudication by insurance company.
  • It is technology that:
    • Doesn’t disrupt or interfere with care delivery or workflow.
    • Eases the burden on both your front office and billing department.
    • Easily blends into the current business office environment.
    • Is available to patients on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Importantly, HealthiPASS does not require any capital expenditure. Improve the bottom line of your office practice or ambulatory center for a fraction of current costs.

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HealthiPASS solves today’s growing patient pay challenges for the benefit of both patients and providers.

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