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Health iPASS delivers better check-ins for better revenue.

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Real-time Integration with Practice Management (PM) Systems

No need to switch your practice management system with Health iPASS! Our patient intake and payment platform integrates with the industry’s top PM systems, providing real-time updates of items such as schedules, demographics and insurance changes, payments, and more. *

*Features may be PM System dependent

Self-Scheduling (Book my Doc)

Invite patients to use our intuitive self-scheduling tool via a link from your website. Patients are matched with a provider based on insurance type, specialty, and ailment. Practice staff can easily set up providers and pre-loaded screeners with just a few clicks, as well as view and manage all appointments from one screen.

Interactive Appointment Reminders

Reduces no-shows, enables high engagement with patients including appointment confirmation, payment of prior balances, completion of forms/intake, etc. Provides unlimited email/SMS/voice communications.

Touchless Express Check-in

Provides patients with 100% mobile check-in experience without downloading an app. Eliminates the need for pen, paper and clipboard and reduces time spent in waiting rooms. Your patients truly “skip the line” with the ability to verify demographics, update insurance, make payments (copay, balance, deposits), put a card-on-file and complete all forms before they arrive at your office. Patient insurance, payment, and clinical data are all written back to compatible PMs.

Patient Pre-screeners

Add one or more pre-screening questionnaires to the Express Mobile Check-in process. These screeners can be used for everything from COVID-19 screeners to workers’ compensation and insurance issues, to mental health screeners and more. We designed this feature to alert your staff of information you might need to know before the patient sets foot in your office.

Intelligent Insurance Verification

Verifies patient benefits with connectivity to over 900 payers. Leverages a powerful rule-based system to parse the correct benefits based on the provider, appointment type, etc.

Price Transparency Pre-arrival

Patients who know their costs are more likely to pay on-time and in full. That’s why Health iPASS informs patients with high-deductible healthcare plans (HDHPs) of their expected out-of-pocket responsibility for upcoming visits using our Cost Estimator.

Rule-based QuickForms

Sets up rules for automatically deploying the right packet of forms to patients pre-arrival based on location, provider, appointment type, and other attributes.

100% Mobile Patient Intake

Enable patients to review & approve consents and/or policies such as HiPAA, Release of Information, and Financial Policy and complete clinical forms. Best of all, discrete data and PDFs are automatically posted into your EHR system.



Fast, 60-second Check-in Process

Enables patients who prefer in-person check in to do so quickly by scanning provided QR code or Driver’s License, swiping any major credit/debit card, or entering a confirmation code. Also confirms demographics, insurance, contact information, reviews benefits, and allows patients to pay what’s due. All done on a low-profile iPad kiosk.

Two-way Texting (SMS)

Send SMS messages via Health iPASS, and patients can respond! These messages will appear as a chat stream inside our platform. Your team can use this feature to communicate with patients via SMS in real-time, all tracked inside of Health iPASS.

Review of Benefits

Helps patients understand their costs with a simple, easy to understand review of their insurance benefits based on the appointment type.

Dashboard for PSRs

Displays pertinent information in a prioritized “inbox” via an intuitive, location-specific dashboard. Monitors and manages check-ins from any location. Provides deep insight into operational and financial metrics with robust reporting down to the PSR-level

Collect Payments and Secure Card on File

Collect prior balances, copays, deposits, and out-of-pocket estimates, as well as authorization to automatically, yet securely charge cards for residual balances with a single card swipe.

Automated Payment / Demographic Posting

Automatically posts all payments collected from the patient as well as demographic changes to PM with a high degree of configurability. Includes the option to add review / audit steps to ensure clean data returning to PM.

Digital Receipts

Delivers detailed check-in /out receipts automatically to patients in real time via email.

In-Clinic Digital Forms Management

Sends digital forms to patients via email or SMS for completion at time-of-service from the Health iPASS dashboard.



Automated Electronic Billing

Electronically bills the patient after the claim is adjudicated on a daily or weekly basis.

Auto-Debit Residual Patient Balance

Notifies patients of new charges upon claim adjudication. Re-verifies balance in PM, and auto collects patient portion using the card placed on file at the time of check-in for quick & simple collection.

Bill Reminders

Deliver unlimited email, SMS, and voice-based bill reminders to patients using customizable templates to reflect your brand.

Text/Email to pay

Send a quick payment reminder to patients that links directly to our mobile payments-only platform for easy collection.

Online Bill Pay

Provides patient self-service payment portal that enables patients receiving paper or electronic bills to make online payments with a preferred card.

Digital Receipts

Delivers digital receipts for post-visit payments in real-time.

Flexible Payment Plans

Establishes clinic policy-based payment plans that allow you to collect any remaining patient balance in easy installments. Auto notifies patients prior to each installment, re-verifies balance, collects installments automatically, and posts to PM.

Post-Visit Surveys

Deploy post-visit surveys to gather feedback about the patient’s experience to improve the performance of your clinic, staff, & providers.


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