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Power up your patient communication with Health iPASS using our two-way patient chat feature via SMS. Send patients important non-clinical messages and they can respond for faster and easier patient interactions.

Patient Messaging Inbox
Messaging Patients


Patient to Provider Two-Way Texting

The results are in! Not only do patients choose texting as their most preferred communication method, texting your patients also boosts open rates and response times. With Health iPASS Chat and Chat Inbox, your staff can send and receive patient non-clinical messages right through your Health iPASS dashboard.
  • No apps to download for you or your patients
  • No patient login required
  • No passwords to remember
See all your messages in one place with the HiP Chat Inbox, and never miss a patient message again. Health iPASS enables you to deliver better patient engagement on every step of the patient journey.

HiP Chat Benefits

HiP Chat

Trusted by great practices

John Hornberger / Former Chief Executive Officer

Health iPASS has been a game changer for our practice. Never before has collecting from patients been so simple and effective. Our staff loves the way Health iPASS saves time and simplifies tasks that used to be a burden. Not only that, but our patients love checking in and paying through Health iPASS.

Marissa Calderon / Practice Manager

Health iPASS is ahead of the technology game. They understand that healthcare providers are in a zero-sum game due to insurance companies raising out-of-pocket costs for patients that ultimately are never paid. If insurance isn’t paying, and patient isn’t paying before they walk out, how can we guarantee that we will receive this revenue for services we provided? Health iPASS prevents this finger-pointing game and provides a straight-forward process that patients really appreciate.

Carrie Eller / Director of Operations

When patients check-in using the Express Mobile Check-in or the in-office kiosk, absolutely everything is done for your staff. The patients are asked to verify all demographics and upload photos of their insurance cards. The platform collects copays and past due balances, and offers multiple payment touchpoints. The cost communication and collection is super key feature for those front desk staffers who are uncomfortable asking for past due balances.


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