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Health iPASS Announces Strategic Partnership with Healthcare Information Services to Improve Revenue Cycle Management for Orthopedic Practices

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Healthcare Companies Working Together to Lower the Cost to Collect and Increase Profitability for Orthopedic Medical Practices

Health iPASS, a burgeoning Chicago-based patient revenue cycle management healthcare IT company, today announced a new strategic partnership with Healthcare Information Services, LLC (HIS), a known industry leader specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services with more than three decades of experience working with Orthopedic professionals.

The partnership is designed to offer an intuitive end-to-end solution specifically for Orthopedic practices providing the only complete front-to-back revenue cycle management service marrying cutting-edge technology with expert-level service to improve efficiencies and profitability of the Orthopedic revenue cycle.

Health iPASS pairs advanced technology to automate the laborious process of patient revenue cycle collection, making collecting every dollar less expensive and optimizing up-front patient payment collections to remove the burden and uncomfortable conversations of collecting patient out-of-pocket expenses from your front desk staff. HIS’ expertly focused approach to comprehensive revenue cycle management and billing services helps to improve coding accuracy, maximize reimbursements, and increase collections and profitability of orthopedic practices.

Founder and CEO of Health iPASS Rajesh Voddiraju commented, “With over three decades of experience, HIS is a well-respected industry-leading revenue cycle management and billing services solution provider with a strong track record of increasing Orthopedic provider income by providing an expert level of service focused on each critical stage of the revenue cycle. Our partnership is a testament to the strength of our combined resources to maximize reimbursement, increase cash flow, maintain practice compliance, and boost profitability of Orthopedic medical practices. The most significant benefit of our relationship with HIS is the ability to maximize reimbursement levels allowing practices to realize higher collection rates for the patient responsibility portion cost of care.”

“HIS has continually invested in people, processes, and technology to provide stronger end to end Orthopedic revenue cycle management,” said David Wold, Founder and CEO of HIS. “Our partnership with Health iPASS is an extension of our continued evolution and we are pleased with the excellence of their patient revenue cycle solution and the dedication of their team to fundamentally improve patient payment collections in healthcare. Health iPASS has the same qualities that we seek in our commitment to excellence and this partnership fits perfectly into our mission to support the management side of Orthopedic practices so that physicians, nurses, assistants, and staff can take care of patient needs”.

Visit the Health iPASS and HIS websites to find out more about their healthcare IT and revenue cycle solutions.

About Health iPASS

Health iPASS is redefining the patient revenue cycle by improving the healthcare consumer experience from appointment to payment. The solution has enabled double-digit increases in operating income for providers in a true pay-for-performance approach. Health iPASS helps providers promote price transparency, build trust, and increase their operating income by simplifying the check-in process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments through an innovative, multi-channel software solution. Our patient-friendly system supports 850+ payers, 90+ practice management systems and is payment processor-agnostic. Many providers have realized 90-95% patient net collection rates, slashed denials by over 50%, and have significantly reduced cost and time to collect.

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About Healthcare Information Services, LLC (HIS)HIS is a physician’s management organization with more than three decades of experience in orthopedics specializing in Revenue Cycle Management and consulting services for Orthopedic practices. We work exclusively with Orthopedic practices to maximize reimbursements, improve monthly cash-flow, increase compliance, and boost overall profitability.

HIS Clients typically see a 10-15% or greater increase in overall reimbursements as a result of outsourcing the management of their revenue cycle to HIS. We are dedicated to helping physicians position their practice for a more profitable future by providing industry-leading revenue cycle management and billing services specialized for Orthopedics.

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