The patient revenue cycle in healthcare is constantly evolving. We work hard to keep up with the latest trends in promoting healthcare price transparency, optimizing patient payments, simplifying the check-in process, reducing claim denials, and lowering the cost to collect. We take our research and transfer the stats, trends, and data into easy-to-read eBooks you are free to download and read at your convenience.

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The “New Vitals” of Patient Revenue Cycle Management

What if we told you medical providers could take a step back and reassess their financial health with a new perspective and produce a more accurate representation of where they need to make revenue cycle improvements? What if providers applied the same medical vitals assessment and subsequent diagnosis to their patient revenue cycle as they apply to patients? 

This eBook introduces a new way to monitor, assess, and improve patient collections to ensure sustainable profitability now, and in the future. Download a free copy today!






increasing patient retention through patient revenue cycle solutions
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8 Ways Health iPASS Improves the Patient Payment Process

Patients are now paying more for the cost of care than any other time in our history which means medical providers need new revenue cycle technology that is equipped to streamline patient payments. This eBook examines the top 8 ways a medical practice can benefit from implementing Health iPASS including:

    • Increasing patient net collection rates
    • Securing payment at the time-of-service for both open and residual balances 
    • Promoting greater price transparency