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Are you struggling to collect patient payments quickly and efficiently? You’re not alone. Many healthcare providers face challenges when it comes to collecting patient balances. However, there is a solution. Health iPASS is a technology solution that streamlines payment processes and helps healthcare providers collect more money, faster from patients.

  1. Verify insurance eligibility: Check insurance eligibility and benefits before the patient’s appointment to avoid any surprises at the time of payment.
  2. Estimate patient responsibility: Calculate the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses before their visit and communicate them clearly with the patient.
  3. Request prepayment: Collect a portion of the estimated patient responsibility before the appointment to reduce the outstanding balance.
  4. Accept multiple payment methods: Offer multiple payment options, such as credit cards, checks, or online payments, to make it convenient for patients to pay their bills.
  5. Send payment reminders: Send payment reminders to patients through automated text or email messages to encourage timely payment.
  6. Offer payment plans: Provide payment plans to patients who can’t pay the full balance at once, making it easier for them to pay overtime.
  7. Simplify payment processes: Use a technology solution that simplifies payment processes, such as an online portal or mobile app, to reduce manual processes and improve accuracy.
  8. Train staff on collection processes: Train staff on effective collection processes, including how to communicate patient responsibility, how to handle payment disputes, and how to follow up on overdue accounts.
  9. Address patient questions and concerns: Be proactive in addressing patient questions and concerns about their bills to reduce confusion and improve the patient experience.
  10. Monitor accounts receivable: Monitor accounts receivable regularly to identify unpaid balances and take action to collect them promptly.

Don’t let payment collection processes slow down your practice’s revenue. With Health iPASS, you can improve revenue cycle management and provide a better patient experience. Try Health iPASS today and see the difference it can make for your practice.

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