Health iPASS Patient Pre-Check Introduces Quickforms!

One of my least favorite parts of a standard doctor’s office visit is having to arrive 15-20 minutes early just to fill out forms. This happens pretty frequently since I have three kids who have the usual number of childhood injuries and ailments that require seeing a specialist. Just imagine lugging a five-year-old, a toddler, and an infant to the pediatric ENT to address chronic ear infections, then having to manage them as you attempt to fill out 5-7 pages of paperwork. By the time you see the physician, you are frustrated and not a little bit angry, not to mention nursing a developing case of carpal tunnel syndrome from all that writing. Now that there is an app for just about everything, patients are likely to be even more annoyed by manually filling out piles of forms.

For providers, managing paper forms presents even more headaches. First, there is the time and cost of copying and shuffling the forms themselves, followed by the tedious task of manual data entry and its accompanying risk of human error. Too often, patients do not arrive early to fill out the forms at the office and must do it once they arrive, throwing off the physician’s schedule and leading to an increased workload for staff and increased wait times for all patients. Luckily, with Health iPASS, there is a better way.

Patients and providers alike can rejoice! Health iPASS has added Quickforms to their already impressive list of pre-arrival features.

How does Quickforms work?

  1. All required forms and documents (medical history forms, new patient intake, HIPAA release forms, etc.) are sent to the patient as a link within their appointment reminder email. Appointment reminders are sent several days in advance, and we send follow-up reminders to patients who still need to complete the intake process.
  2. The patient can then fill out the required forms from their own device at their convenience. Our forms also enable patients to use autofill—a fantastic feature that removes the need to type in  your address and phone number multiple times.
  3. Staff can access and view forms as soon as they are completed through the HiP Dashboard.
  4. If the patient has not filled out the required forms upon their arrival, staff can instantly send them via email or SMS to be filled out at that time, still on the patient’s own device. Just so you know, that means no devices for your practice to charge or maintain.
  5. Completed forms are written back to PMs / EMRs. Discrete data write-backs at the field level are available for some systems. No matter the PM system, the forms information is always saved in your Health iPASS platform for easy (and digital) access.

With Quickforms, Health iPASS offers an all-in-one patient intake and payment solution that integrates with most major practice management systems. Want to find out more? Look for our upcoming webinar on the full pre-arrival process, including Quickforms, coming in February.

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