Supercharge your patient payment and intake experience to complement athenacollector

“With Health iPASS, we collected 40% more revenue from patients, our bad debt has dropped, and we are collecting faster . It is the perfect addition to athenacollector!” – Practice Administrator


“Health iPASS stood out from the competition in the athenahealth marketplace by offering the truly highest level of athenahealth integration. Through this integration, our practice has sped up patient wait times, reduced claim denials, and collected more patient dollars all without additional staff. We are very happy with the results we got with Health iPASS, especially in this tough hiring landscape.”

– Mujtaba Akhter, Practice Manager of Curewell Care

About the Health iPASS - athenahealth Integration

The Health iPASS – athenahealth integration works in to help you accelerate the check-in process, collect more accurate patient information, reduce staff time spent manually transferring patient data, and perform batch eligibility and benefits checks. Patient schedules are automatically imported into Health iPASS every morning, and in real-time throughout the current day. Health iPASS can even pull across most patient balances, saving you time and insuring accuracy!
Data retrieved from athenahealth into Health iPASS
Data written back into Greenway from Health iPASS

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