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Webinar Today! Accelerating Patient Revenue Performance Through Automation with Special Guest Kate Cullip from Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers

Attend Our Webinar on Accelerating Patient Revenue!

We hope that you can join us today at 2pm EDT for a special webinar on the value of automating your patient revenue cycle to accelerate positive performance. We are pleased to be co-presenting today with Kate Cullip, Business Office Director at Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers who has been using the Health iPASS check-in and patient revenue cycle solution since April of 2018.

Tune into today’s webinar and learn more about the conditions that prompted Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers to seek a partnership with a patient revenue cycle vendor, criteria they defined as important in the vendor they sought, return on investment realized since deployment, and how patients and staff have reacted to the use of Health iPASS.

There is still time to sign up and reserve a spot for the webinar – even if it’s to join the list to receive a recording when it is completed. You can reserve your spot by clicking on this link:

Attend Our Webinar on September 27th

Our thanks to Kate Cullip and the entire Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers team for their time and wisdom on today’s webinar and to the Health iPASS team behind the scenes that carried the load to organize and support this important educational event on the value of automating your patient revenue cycle!

We are looking forward to seeing you on today’s webinar!

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