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Seven Simple Ways To Tap Into The Chicago Market

Forbes Business Council Members

Marketing is vital for a firm’s long-term existence: A business’ survival is heavily rooted in the marketing techniques it employs, and who it reaches out to.

Oftentimes, young business owners don’t have the funds set aside to support a fully fledged marketing campaign to guide their business toward success. An increased focus on local marketing strategiesmight be the better option for these businesses, including approaches such as taking part in local panels or holding lunches for customers and potential clients.

So what should beginning businesses keep in mind? Below, seven members of Forbes ChicagoBusiness Council share the local marketing initiatives they’ve used successfully to grow their business in the Windy City. Here’s what they said:

Photos courtesy of individual members.

Members share a few ways to tap into the Chicago market.

1. Lunch And Learn With Customers

We have explored a number of locally focused marketing initiatives. One that was successful was a lunch and learn with our target customer base of financial representatives who purchase assets on behalf of their clients. Additionally, we have purchased ads in local radio and local publications, like Chicago Inno and Built In Chicago. – Jordan Fishfeld, CFX Markets

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2. Holding Info Sessions

We have local ambassadors that hold info sessions and events in Chicago for people who are considering joining one of our communities. These are great ways for us to build community locally and give people a fun way to learn more about our offerings. – Greg Caplan, Remote Year, Inc.

3. Partnerships With Medical Organization

We partnered with Rush University Medical Center for a research project showing the impact nutrition makes on cognitive performance, post-stroke and dementia patients’ rehabilitation. – Nick Wernimont, Factor 75

4. Working With A Local Community Group

Servicing a national consumer base while recognizing a growing challenge establishing local presence, we partnered with a local-based community group to help network with other companies and began expanding our presence within the talent pool for recruiting. The efforts have paid off, cultivating meaningful relationships with partner networks and delivering interest from highly talented candidates. – Noah Mishkin, CraftJack, Inc.

5. Building Relationships With Local Media

We built relationships with local media, resulting in a handful of earned media stories. Through these relationships, Health iPASS has been able to secure earned media stories inCrain’s, Tastytrade, and Built In Chicago. Local events for healthcare practices such as Illinois Medical Group Management Association have also been terrific venues to help us secure new local clients. – Rajesh Voddiraju, Health iPASS

6. Participation In Industry Panels

One of the best strategies we’ve used was participation in panels and speaking engagements with big production agriculture industry leaders, farm bureau, and farm-to-fork with real use cases showcasing innovation. We have found that example-led conversations are normally the best tactics. We then seek facilitation and sponsorship at events with related industry stakeholders. – Orlando Saez, Aker Technologies Inc.

7. Creating Locally Focused, Optimized Content

We’ve focused on cornering our keywords locally using a major web app overhaul, metadata revisions, a new blog with locally focused content, and resubmissions to the four main business listing data aggregators. Our product and marketing teams have been busy generating hundreds of pages with the vehicle types/packages, as well as guides, FAQs and articles. The results: four times more organic traffic in five months and we’re earning new backlinks every day. – Andrew O’Dower, Carlease