You Asked, Health iPASS Answered: Rapid COVID-19 Communications

As the COVID-19 crisis began to gain footing in the US, many of our clients were looking for ways to create and send patient communications quickly and easily. Our development team heard the call and sprang into action. Health iPASS was already expanding our communications platform at the time to create a custom experience for any patient based on data pulled from the practice management software including payer, deductible remaining, provider, etc.


During our clients’ rapid response to COVID, we turned our communications platform into a real-time outreach system, sending day-of cancellations, policy updates, instructions for telehealth visits, and a host of location-specific safety messages to custom lists of patients.  


According to Ryan Navratil, VP of Product & Client Success at Health iPASS, “Obviously our transition to “all mobile” registration is the biggest evolution of our platform.  We’d already invested heavily in pre-arrival registration before February, so we were able to leverage our existing roadmap to support our clients in a touchless environment.  We’ve deployed COVID-19 screeners as part of our pre-check-in package, which has helped put critical safety data into clinic’s hands before patients step inside a waiting room.”


There is no doubt that the effects of COVID-19 will drive permanent changes to practice workflows. Health iPASS is proud to have developed a platform that can be easily customized to meet the needs of any size practice, now and in the future. We are ready to answer the call for a safer and more patient-friendly pre-arrival experience with our new Express Check-In featuring our Virtual Waiting Room. Not only can providers send customized pre-arrival messaging, they can also deliver a 100% mobile check-in, intake, and payment experience with Health iPASS. To find out more, visit our website to schedule a demo.