What we learned at MGMA 2016

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There have been many takeaways to process and many people engaging with us since MGMA ended on November 2, but we’re finally catching up, and ready to share our experience from arguably the most important industry gathering of the year!

The conference featured hundreds of medical practice executives, administrators, physicians, vendors, industry experts and speakers, which gave us an invaluable opportunity to interact with some of the most influential people in healthcare.

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The HealthiPASS team attending MGMA takes a quick break from the action for a picture. From left to right in photo: Greg Rakas, Randy Blue, Jason Davis, Joel Rosenfield, and Rajesh Voddiraju.

We were pleasantly surprised at how many heads of groups, both large and small, were actively seeking us out to learn about how a kiosk could affect their practice.

We saw many EHRs and PMSs, but these offerings aren’t as patient-friendly as a self-service kiosk, which paves the way for an easier check-in process, more transparency into billing for consumers, and ultimately, much better collections rates. Excitement about our full-service kiosk-based solution was high from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday - and we were more than happy to show attendees a demo of all of the industry-leading technology that’s harnessed by each kiosk.

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Essentially, we found out that practice managers and heads of provider groups have identified the ways in which their current systems are falling short or letting them down, and hearing their stories reaffirmed our belief that we could show them a better way to work with consumers and collect more of the patient responsibility.

20161101_125937.jpgBecause there were so many people to meet, we couldn’t make all of the sessions we would have liked to, but thankfully session handouts are available online through the MGMA website.

In addition to discussing the benefits of our platform and the challenges people were facing, we found time to raffle off three Apple Watch Sports to lucky attendees who paid us a visit (In the image to the right, check out ‎Regional Director of Business Development Greg Rakas with a lucky winner)!

We’ll be at conferences throughout the year in 2017, always learning, improving and connecting -- but you better believe we have MGMA 2017 (October 8-11 in Anaheim, California) circled on our calendars.

Thanks for a great conference, MGMA, and we’ll see you next year!