Transforming Your Practice with Patient Revenue Cycle Technology

NJMGMA 2018The theme for this year's 2018 New Jersey Medical Group Management Association (NJMGMA) Practice Management Conference is "Transforming Through Technology" which is quite apt when you consider the industry wide push to adopt and implement new technological tools that create efficiency, improve patient retention, and increase revenue. From new cloud data storage solutions to electronic scheduling to patient portals to tablets in the exam room, new health IT tools are permeating practices seeking ways to cut costs, improve the quality of care, and add to their bottom lines.

The explosion of new tools and resources that fundamentally redefine practice management revenue cycle best practices are a big part of the technological shift at medical practices across the country. Factoring in the rise of high deductible health plans (HDHPs), the surge of "healthcare consumerism," and the general consensus that the industry simply has to to a better job of being more price transparent, patient revenue cycle technology advancements are something to get excited about. Why? Medical practices now have the ability to invest in and implement solutions that promote greater price transparency and streamline both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments with simple, easy-to-use tools that remove the angst and anxiety of not getting paid for care rendered.

If you have not been introduced to the Health iPASS patient revenue cycle solution and plan to attend this week's NJMGMA Conference from June 6 - 8 at the Tropicana Casino and Resort, NOW is an opportune time to stop by and see Nicole and Rajesh at Booth #312 for a demonstration. Witness the ability of Health iPASS to provide:

  • Real-time automated verification of insurance benefits
  • The ability to collect residual balances, co-pays, and pre-service deposits directly on the iPad kiosk
  • How we can provide cost of care estimates pre-arrival, at point-of-service, at claim submission, and pre-surgery 
  •  Real-time auto-posting of payments to Practice Management (PM) system  

Don't forget that Nicole and Rajesh will also be raffling off a Coach wallet so drop off your business card and enter to win!  Finally, we want to remind you that for every demo scheduled in our booth during 2018, we will make a donation to The Greater Chicago Food Depository!

Transform your practice by upgrading your patient revenue cycle technology with the Health iPASS patient payment and price transparency solution. See you at Booth #312 at the 2018 NJMGMA show this week!