Thriving in Hardship The Health iPASS Way

There’s no doubt that the last six months have been a hard climb for many of us. In some ways, we might have thought we had reached the peak and were about to begin the easier journey down the other side. For some, namely parents, the next few weeks are looking like a rocky, thorny path, leading us uphill to an unknown destination. Here in Illinois, along with many other states, we are looking down the business end of at least a few months of eLearning for many public school children. It’s not going to be easy. Especially for those who are already winded from the struggles of the previous months. It’s okay to stop for a while to take a breath when you need it. At the same time, don’t forget to look around to take in the view, even when navigating a difficult path.  Sometimes the toughest journeys yield the most unique and beautiful views.


Here at Health iPASS, we have had our own struggles and have also witnessed with compassion the struggles of our clients and the medical community at large. It has been a challenge to work from home, unable to interact with colleagues or enjoy the creative energy of our team in person. To counteract this, during the full lockdown period, our team met for weekly happy hours during which we were instructed NOT to discuss work. From patios in Texas, to city apartments, to cozy cabins in Door County, we gathered over Zoom to share our hobbies, discuss favorite shows, take part in cooking competitions and mixology sessions. The glimpses we saw of the human behind the employee will no doubt strengthen our team for the long term.


Meetings have been conducted as people fed infants, chased toddlers, arrived with rumpled hair, or no makeup.  Beards have grown. Pets have popped up to say hello, including the new French Bulldog puppy recently adopted by Ciara from our sales team. Our Graphic Designer, Derick, moved from Chicago to Cincinatti in June, and continued to work on our upcoming new website with no desk, surrounded by boxes. I have had children perched nearby needing urgent schoolwork help while I have been on work calls. There have been many frustrations, but there have also been opportunites to seek, find, and learn. Some have acquired new languages during this time. Others have been gardening, cooking, or completing elaborate woodworking projects. These are all examples of the unique and beautiful peeks we have be blessed to see over the past few months. Challenging? Yes. The trick is turning challenges into opportunities for good. Out of grief, there can be joy. Out of hardship, strength. 


Recently, Health iPASS has sent out succulent plants to our employees as thank you and as a reminder that it is possible to brilliantly thrive even in harsh conditions. Our team at Health iPASS is strong, and we are here to be strong for our clients and provide the tools they need to not only survive this challenging time, but to come back better than ever. If you’d like to know more, visit our website (in the process of a major makeover!) to schedule a demo of our newest features including our Express Check-In with Virtual Waiting Room. If it sounds cool, that’s because it is. We’d love to share with you how you can support the security and safety of your patients and staff while collecting more and providing a better patient experience.


And don’t forget—there is beauty in even the hardest of journeys!