Test Your Knowledge of the Patient Revenue Cycle with Our New Facebook Quiz, and Be Entered to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

FB QuizFacebook quizzes can be fun, but most of the time they are fluff pieces created to suck away your time with very little long-term or educational value. Sure, sometimes it's tempting to “Find Out What Cheese You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign” or discover “Do You Know More About Donuts Than Your Friends?” but what do you really get out of it beyond losing several minutes of your time your will never get back?

Move over, pointless Facebook quizzes! Check out our new quiz “Are You a Patient Revenue Cycle Expert?” where fans of the Health iPASS Facebook page can test their knowledge about statistics pertinent to patient RCM and some of the financial issues facing patients and providers that have made collecting from patients such a challenge. Even if you don’t feel fully confident in your patient RCM stat knowledge, taking the quiz is a great opportunity to educate yourself on some of the hard truths that have an impact on effective revenue collection.

Best of all, people who take our short, ten-question quiz are entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Hey, that could come in really handy with the holidays coming up. Or maybe just to buy yourself something fun as we look down the business-end of the coming winter. Either way, it’s a much better use of a few minutes than your typical Facebook quiz.

Head on over to our Facebook page to take the quiz, and while you're at it, go ahead and "like" our page. If what you learn there intrigues you, download our new whitepaper that reveals the secret of 97% residual balance collection rates. Or better yet, click below to schedule a demo to learn more about the Health iPASS patient RCM solution.