Health iPASS Announces Our Rebranding Just in Time for Spring

Healthipasslogo4colorIt’s mid-April, and spring is in the air. People love spring because it’s a time of renewal. Folks can walk down the same old street, but there’s a new sweetness in the air that makes them feel awake and alive. That’s why spring is the perfect time for us to introduce our new Health iPASS branding initiative.

With the arrival of spring, we contemplate our surroundings and see that the grass has become greener, the trees are garlanded with fragrant blossoms, and everything is just a bit newer and thriving. The emerging beauty of spring does not change our familiar surroundings, but simply makes them more pleasant. In this way, Health iPASS may be unveiling a new look and feel, but we still provide the same quality patient revenue cycle solution our clients have come to rely on.  

We decided it was time to hit “refresh” on our brand to better reflect the value we bring to your practice and to communicate more clearly how we can help increase patient net collections while lowering your cost to collect and reducing denied claims-- all in an effort to increase your practice’s operating income and retain patients.

All of this hustle and bustle has taken place with you in mind. We have reconstructed the Health iPASS website to act as a more valuable resource so that current and future clients understand how our solution improves and streamlines the patient revenue cycle and how that improvement may be sustained moving forward.

“It is our hope that rebranding Health iPASS enhances the experience of our current clients and appeals to future medical providers seeking to improve their patient revenue cycle performance,” observed Rajesh Voddiraju, Founder, President, and CEO of Health iPASS. “Our team has been working diligently to reinvigorate our brand by creating a fresh look and feel for our website and marketing materials.”

“We really think people will love the new look of Health iPASS and will recognize the added value the rebranding brings to the table,” commented Health iPASS COO Imran Ahmad. “Based on the on-going feedback from our clients, we intend to continue making improvements and adding patient revenue cycle related content to our website creating a true resource for our clients that ensures the best user experience possible.”

The first thing you will notice as you visit our revamped website is our new tagline: “Redefining the Patient Revenue Cycle.” The old model of patient revenue cycle management resulted in patients wading through a mire of medical cost confusion, never knowing what to expect until they received a bill in the mail. Then began the seemingly endless pursuit of collecting outstanding payments, leaving both patients and medical providers frustrated. 

The Health iPASS definition of revenue cycle management is a streamlined, patient-friendly process from appointment to payment resulting in the potential to realize 90-95% patient net collection rates, a 50% reduction in claim denials, and significantly reduced cost and time to collect. These benefits are more important than ever as patient out-of-pocket healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. We are redefining the medical provider approach to addressing the burdens of managing patient payments in healthcare from the minute patients make their first appointment to the final payment of the claim. We recognize the rising trend in patient out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and want to help you remove anxiety and implement a more efficient approach. 

There has been recent buzz in the healthcare finance industry about the push by U.S. policymakers for increased price transparency to meet the demands of the modern healthcare consumer. Our new website showcases our commitment to transparency in all things related to the patient revenue cycle through features like our new About Us page where clients can meet our entire team, and our Resources page which offers an ever-increasing selection of informative content for those seeking a soup-to-nuts patient revenue cycle management solution.

As our clients embrace the coming of spring, we encourage you to visit our new site and check-out some of our research and insights into how we are redefining the patient revenue cycle. Let us show you how we continue to innovate with branding that that provides a breath of fresh air.