Spreading the Word on the Conference Circuit About Zero Patient A/R, Guaranteed

It was a whirlwind week for the Health iPASS team, but we have all returned from our travels renewed and excited for our many upcoming 2020 initiatives.

Where have we been this past week? First, we were in New Orleans for the MGMA 2019 Annual Conference, then we headed out to Orlando for the Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG) conference. We had a blast at both conferences spreading the word about how Health iPASS is helping healthcare providers boost their operating income by 10%. We got a little creative with our messaging at CHUG with our now famous urinal mats (pictured). Come on folks, why flush those patient dollars down the toilet by failing to secure payment assurance by keeping patient payment information securely on file? As Dr. Phil would say, “It’s time to GET REAL.”

As for those upcoming initiatives, we are largely keeping those under wraps for now, but stay tuned for some pretty cool stuff! One thing we are not keeping a secret is our new product, RevSure, which was unveiled at the MGMA 2019 Annual Conference.  RevSure does something that no other patient revenue cycle product has dared to do before— it guarantees zero patient A/R.

The way it works is simple: the patient checks in with Health iPASS, you submit a claim, and Health iPASS pays your practice the patient-responsible portion of the bill as soon as the claim adjudicates. RevSure involves no upfront costs and no patient credit checks. It’s time to finally hand over the burden of bad debt and unhealthy levels of patient A/R and let Health iPASS assume the risk. The only question is, what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to know more, contact a member of our sales team by scheduling a demo through our website. Hope to talk to you soon!