Revolutionize The Waiting Room With Patient Check In Kiosks

The waiting room experience is an important (and often overlooked) part of the patient experience. This is where the first impression is made. This is where patients form opinions based on the look and feel of your organization. So this is likely the first place you should look to make improvements. With patient-centered technology, you can revolutionize your waiting room experience for your patients and your staff.

Why the need to revolutionize exists

The push to adopt patient-centered technology among provider groups is growing. More and more organizations have begun to realize that with costs of healthcare on the rise, retaining a loyal patient base is more challenging than in years past. So financial leaders look to technology to solve some of the common issues they face:

  • Increased competition and need to differentiate among other providers
  • Growing expectations of healthcare consumers
  • Growing pressures from government regulations and complex insurance plans
  • Higher operating costs
  • Growing patient bad debt and inadequate or costly collection strategies

With every new investment in technology, there is careful consideration of the benefits it will provide. And because the cost to revolutionize may be high for some groups, we start with a solution that impacts the patient experience from beginning to end.


What are patient check in kiosks?

Patient check in kiosks are self-service computer tablets that can be used for several patient-facing transactions that are typically associated with checking in to a physician’s office. Some examples include:

  • Ability for patients to check themselves in for their appointments
  • Real-time, accurate insurance eligibility verification software
  • Cost estimation capabilities that allow patients a guideline of what their financial responsibility might look like
  • Ability to make payments via kiosk or mobile app
  • Ability to manage the financial aspect of their healthcare experience


How patient check in kiosks are revolutionizing the waiting room

How many times have you fielded patient complaints about long wait times and the nuisance of filling out the same paperwork over and over? By eliminating these bottlenecks, time and frustration is eliminated for staff and patients alike.

Patient check in kiosks are revolutionizing the waiting room experience, but they’re doing more than that. They impact the entire patient journey. Patients can certainly save time at check-in, but they are also given access to their healthcare experience at the palm of their hand. The smartphone mobile app capabilities allow patients to track their journey at anytime, from anywhere.

No more sitting in long lines in the waiting room waiting to be seen. No more surprise bills after the visit. Self-service technology is truly a revolution that healthcare has been longing for.