[Quiz] Is Your Patient Collection Strategy Designed To Fail?

patient_collection_strategies.pngTwo of the most dreaded words in healthcare today: patient payments. The patient-responsible portion of revenue is on the rise. What are you doing to tackle this challenge?

We don't need to tell you what the challenge is, you experience it every day. Here's a startling fact you might not know, however:


If the majority of patients are willing and able to pay their bills upfront, why are patient payments such a problem? The primary reason is in ineffective point of service communications to help patients navigate the complexities of health insurance. 

Because healthcare consumers themselves are experiencing the financial burden of the healthcare landscape, they expect to work with providers who will help them better understand their responsibilities. Are you sure your patient collection strategy is designed to meet these expectations?

Take the short (just 3 questions!) quiz to find out how effective your patient collection strategies are for collecting from the new healthcare consumer.