QUIZ: Do You Know The Numbers Behind Patient Payments?


Revenue cycle management is dynamic, with best practices on collecting patient payments shaped by new information that helps inform healthcare practices on how to operate effectively.

So it’s important to keep current; when information comes out that gives your practice an edge, use it to your advantage and you can reap the rewards.

We’ve compiled some great data about patient payments and healthcare consumerism. Take the quiz and see if you’re current - or learn from which questions you get wrong.

How well do you know the numbers behind patient payments?

See if you've stayed abreast of key stats about healthcare consumerism.

Between 2009 and 2015, the amount of workers enrolled in HDHPs...

grew by 100%

grew by 300%

declined by 100%

declined by 300%

What percentage of patients are willing to pay out-of-pocket healthcare costs up to $1,000 per year





True or False: Seven million people in the US were enrolled in HDHPs as of January 2014.



Is the percentage of patients who would recommend a practice that provides an easy billing experience over or under 68%?

Over 68%

Under 68%

46% of healthcare professionals plan to implement _____ _____ in their practice over the next 5 years

mobile apps

virtual treatment

payment negotiation

collections agencies

You need to brush up.

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Not bad...but not perfect.

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You know your stuff!

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All of this information, and much more, is in our helpful infographic on collecting more patient payments. Download it now!