Patient Check In Kiosk: The Answer To The Broken Patient Payments Cycle

patient_check_in_kiosk_the_answer_to_the_broken_patient_payments_cycle_1.pngThe patient billing cycle is broken. What used to take maybe just 30 days to collect can now take up to 100+ days or more, if you’re able to collect at all.

What’s missing in this broken cycle is a technology solution that is easy for staff to use, and accepted by patients. Here we will explore the patient check-in and payment system in an effort to demonstrate just how easy this solution can be implemented in your organization.

Current Patient Payments Timeline

Under the current timeline of patient payments, payments could take up to 100+ days to collect, if at all. Claims are held up by insurance companies in the first month, and then when they are finally released and ready to be sent to patients for collection, patients have already forgotten. A visit to the doctor has low priority for a patient that was treated over a month ago and has moved on.


Solving Patient Payments With Patient Payment Technology

The new paradigm of patient payments requires a new approach to collecting from patients. This solution can be found in patient check-in and payment systems. These systems are designed for patients and staff alike, to easily collect what is owed after each visit.


Patient check in kiosks have proven patient net collection rates of 96%+ in organizations that have successfully implemented them. As the chart above demonstrates, patient check in and payment kiosks are the patient-friendly solution to collecting payments by providing clear, transparent, and convenient methods to do so. To solve your patient bad debt, consider a solution that your staff and your patients can get on board with.