Orthopedic Group Achieves Patient Net Collection Rates of 96% With HealthiPASS


The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County (OCPBC) is a premier orthopedic practice that has served the local community for over 64 years. They value the ability to provide patients with the highest level of service, both in the exam room and long after.

Like most healthcare providers, OCPBC struggled to keep up with growing business demands in a complex healthcare landscape. The increase in patient’s out-of-pocket expenses placed financial burdens on the practice that resulted in higher patient bad debt, higher operational costs to collect from patients, and higher days in A/R. They knew something had to be done.

In the past, OCPBC used traditional methods to collect from patients. They would send multiple paper statements, make several phone calls, and paid hefty fees to collection agencies that were only able to recover a small portion of the amount owed. For a growing practice that was adding new locations and physicians, they knew that these methods weren’t sustainable.

That’s when they looked to a new solution to collect patient balances. Enter the HealthiPASS solution.

HealthiPASS is a digital system that utilizes patient check-in kiosks to coordinate all financial aspects of a patient’s visit. Using the iPad-based kiosks, patients can perform a multitude of transactions with the touch of their finger, including:

  • Verify insurance eligibility
  • Update insurance and personal information
  • Make payments or set-up payment plans
  • Enable smartphone mobile applications to always stay in the know about what they owe.


  • The HealthiPASS solution helped OCPBC collect more than $600,000 in patient-responsible payments.
  • HealthiPASS helped OCPBC to achieve patient net collection rates of 96%!
  • And it continues to enable them to provide the quality of care they believe their patients deserve.

To learn more about the amazing results that OCPBC achieved using HealthiPASS’ innovative patient check-in technology, read their entire case study here. See how one healthcare group was able to turn their entire patient collection process around and provide their patients with a convenient and transparent financial experience. Finally!