New Health iPASS Product Reveal at MGMA 2019


Health iPASS is headed to the MGMA 2019 National Conference October 13-16, and we’ve got big news to share!

There are very few guarantees in the healthcare finance biz, with only 40% of patients ever making a medical bill payment once they leave their provider’s office. All that is about to change. Health iPASS is proud to introduce our new product, RevSure! RevSure is about to change the patient payment collection game forever by dropping your patient accounts receivable A/R to zero. Yup, I said it. Zero patient A/R, guaranteed.

You probably are wondering how we will manage to work this sorcery. Usually, a magician never reveals his secrets, but I’ll bend the rules… this time. It’s simple. 1) Patients check-in using Health iPASS 2) Your practice submits a claim for the visit 3) Your practice gets paid as soon as the claim adjudicates. No chasing payments, no sending multiple paper bills or emails. Even better, there are no setup costs and no patient credit checks. Health iPASS assumes the risk of patient collections with no recourse. Pretty sweet, huh?

If you’d like to hear more about RevSure, be sure to stop by booth #419 at the MGMA 2019 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. We’d love to show you a demo of our patient payment solution and drop some knowledge about RevSure. We might even save you a few beignets.  See you there!

Psst.... you can also read more about RevSure in this press release