Looking for Ways to Optimize Patient Payments Post-Visit? Check Out Our New Video!

HiP VideosHave you ever struggled to understand a difficult concept, but when presented with the right visual, everything clicked into place? Let’s face it, the healthcare patient revenue cycle is pretty darn complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bird’s-eye view of the challenges faced by medical providers in terms of collecting patient payments, with a focus on an innovative solution that directly addresses those concerns?

Anyone with a background in education (as teacher or student) knows that there are multiple pathways to understanding, and each person accesses knowledge in their own unique way. Although there are three categories of learners, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, the majority of people, 65 percent, fall into the category of “visual learners.” Visual learners process information best when it is presented in a way they can actually see, such as through charts, graphs, videos, and other types of visual media. When information is communicated visually, it often leads to better understanding overall, and elicits an emotional response that makes the information more memorable. Through the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, You Tube, and Snapchat, along with our need for instant gratification, the use of visual communication is on the rise.

In fact, approximately a year ago, New York Times writer Farhad Manjoo declared, “Welcome to the Post-Text World” through an article of that name that described the way people are moving away from reading large amounts of text and towards communicating and understanding through almost purely visual or auditory channels. A tad ironic if you are reading this right now, or even if you read that article. However, there is no denying that people are increasingly moving towards visual expression for all types of communication.

Not only are we at Health iPASS constantly working to bring our clients the latest in patient payment optimization technology, we are also dedicated to spreading the word on how healthcare providers can collect more revenue while providing greater price transparency and boosting patient engagement in a way that our audience can easily understand and share. That’s why we are releasing a series of animated videos to demonstrate how the Health iPASS solution works pre-arrival, at time-of-service, and post-visit to put more patient payments in the pockets of providers, which will they can reinvest in their practices-- ultimately contributing to the goal of providing better quality care to patients.

Our first video focuses on what happens after the patient leaves the office, and how Health iPASS can help prevent those patient payments from walking away with them by collecting payment assurance at time-of-service, and streamlining provider workflows with automatic payment posting. Spoiler alert— the post-visit features of Health iPASS reduce risk on non-payment, time and cost to collect, days in A/R and bad debt. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video and see for yourself. It might also be a good idea to schedule a demo to view our patient revenue cycle solution up close. #justsayin