Learn the Secrets of Financially Healthy Practices at The MGMA Financial Conference Booth #403

How’s everyone doing out there? It’s been a rough cold and flu season this year. I’ve been doing everything I can to keep myself and my family as healthy as possible.  Eating healthy, getting enough rest, washing hands, taking vitamin C supplements, using all the Lysol-- it has been a job onto itself. Still, I'm jumping at every cough and constantly taking temperatures, just in case. Catching a health crisis in the early stages is crucial to decreasing the severity and duration. What if there was a way to monitor the financial health of your medical practice and a set of tools and strategies to get it back on track when it’s a little “under the weather”?

In our eBook last year, we discussed in-depth the similarities between a healthy human body and a healthy revenue cycle. As any practice administrator can tell you, the revenue cycle of a medical practice is its lifeblood, feeding essential financial fuel to the practice like the circulatory system brings blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the body.

Now, more than ever, closely monitoring and finding ways to improve the financial health of your practice is essential to staying afloat in a dynamic and highly competitive healthcare landscape. Events that feature thought leaders in the industry are a great way to educate yourself on best practices and groundbreaking new ways to improve your practice's financial performance.

The 2020 MGMA Financial Conference is coming up March 5-7 in Music City—Nashville, TN. The Financial Conference is an industry-leading financial management conference designed to arm healthcare professionals with the education and tools needed to run a more profitable and efficient practice. Health iPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju and VP of Sales John Vezina will be there to share our end-to-end solution for all of your patient revenue cycle woes. Stop by booth #403 to learn more, including all the tea about our newly expanded list of premium pre-arrival features, including forms management.

We hope to see you all in Nashville. You can also visit our website to schedule a demo anytime