Join Us at C-Bones 2018 for a Weekend of Patient Revenue Cycle Management Discovery!

Motivational Speaker and Writer (3)State mottos are interesting things. No one spends much time thinking about them unless they are playing the license plate game or working on a 4th grade social studies project. However, as the Health iPASS team heads out to the Golden State for the California Bones (C-Bones) conference next weekend, May 31-June 4, 2018, we think that California’s state motto is particularly apt for the occasion: Eureka! This term was coined by Greek mathematician Archimedes meaning, “I have found it,” and refers to the discovery of gold in California that kicked off the famous Gold Rush. We are confident that you will see that there is so much to find at the C-Bones Conference!

Find our Health iPASS team, Imran and Mark, at Booth #308

Schedule a demo, or just drop by to check out our patient revenue cycle management (RCM) solution. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative, for every demo performed during the 2018 trade show and convention season, we will donate $25 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. As an added bonus, when you drop us your business card, you will be entered to win a beautiful Coach wallet.

Find out how Health iPASS can help you “future-proof” your Orthopedic practice

As the healthcare industry evolves, practices that fail to adapt to the rising trend of "patient as a payer" could be left behind. The modern healthcare consumer expects price transparency, payment ease and clarity, and a streamlined, convenient check-in and appointment management interface. Talk to our team to find out how Health iPASS can partner with you to meet the changing needs of your patients.

Discover “The Fundamentals of a Successful Orthopedic Practice” at a special forum on Saturday, June 2

Here’s a hint—adopting an effective RCM tool that increases operating income while decreasing the time and cost to collect, and also boosts price transparency and patient retention is a big piece of the puzzle. Check out this special forum taking place Saturday, June 2 for young orthopedic surgeons and residents/fellows for more information.

We hope you experience a weekend of discovery at the 2018 C-Bones conference. See you there!