Introducing Bryan Rowley: Why I Joined Health iPASS

Hello everyone! My name is Bryan Rowley, and I am the new Regional Sales Manager at Health iPASS covering the Northeast. Here’s a little about me. I am based out of Pennsylvania where I live with my wife and three children. My family and I enjoy any and all outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and skiing--  really, whatever involves physical activity in the fresh air. One of my life passions is running. Each year, I set 1000-mile yearly goal for myself. I have always been a major sports enthusiast, and even played football in college at University of Utah and later as a free agent for the Miami Dolphins. My years in competitive sports taught me a lot—especially the importance of a great team. That’s why I am excited to be joining the team here at Health iPASS.


During my nine years at Greenway Health  selling and consulting on EHR and revenue cycle management software, I had the opportunity to gain “sideline access” with all kinds of healthcare providers. By witnessing the daily pressures, successes, and failures of medical practices all over the Northwest from Maine to Virginia, there is one basic problem that seems to plague them at every turn—collecting patient-responsible dollars.


The rise in the adoption of high-deductible healthcare plans has led to an enormous collection challenge for providers. Patients used to be responsible for about 10% of their healthcare costs—now they are on the hook for over 30%. Collecting from patients is also costlier and more time-consuming than collecting from other payers. Essentially, healthcare providers are being asked to offer their services without any guarantee of payment.  My work in the field has highlighted the demand for a better way to collect those patient dollars that were just turning into provider bad debt. Healthcare providers need a big play, and they need it now. Enter Health iPASS!


Health iPASS clients are able to collect an average of over 97% of patient residual balances compared with the dismally low industry average. Talk about a healthcare payments MVP! Health iPASS also eliminates the uncomfortable waiting room experience by delivering a virtual check-in and intake via their 100% mobile platform, keeping patients and practice staff safe. If your practice needs a true goal-line stand against revenue loss and bad debt, Health iPASS is the team for you! 

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