How To Create Accountability in Patient Payments [SlideShare]

SLIDESHARE_How_to_Achieve_Accountability_in_patient_payments_patient_revenue_cycle.pngCollecting patient payments in a complex, more financially strapped health economy is a team effort. This presentation will tackle patient payments with 6 easy steps to increase accountability in the patient revenue cycle among your entire team. 

We certainly don't need to tell you how challenging it has become to collect payments from patients. Your staff feels it. Your bottom line feels it. Your patients really feel it. With a larger percentage of revenue coming from patients today, and with patients responsible for more of their expenses, it's a burden for everyone involved.

To achieve this massive undertaking, it must be an organization-wide priority. Staff members of all levels, from senior management to front office staff, must be actively involved in coaching patients to make payments.

This SlideShare presentation will give you an overview of 6 steps to implement in your health system to create accountability in the patient revenue cycle process.