Heard the Buzz About VC Funding and its Impact on the Revenue Cycle in Healthcare But Want to Know More? Listen to Our Latest Podcast Episode!

If you have been buzzing about the healthcare startup hive,  you may be aware that venture capital (VC) funding has been steadily increasing in the healthcare space, skyrocketing 858 percent from 2010-2017.  2018 was a banner year with healthcare investments accounting for over 28% of all VC funding. If you’ve heard the buzz but are still looking for the bees, check out our latest podcast recording where we sit down with Health iPASS COO Imran Amhad to discuss what VC funding in healthcare is all about.

Tune in to hear more about:
  • The background of VC funding in healthcare
  • The process by which startups receive VC funding
  • The potential impact of VC funding on the healthcare industry, specifically medical practices
  • The fiduciary oversight and expertise provided by the Health iPASS Board of Directors

Listeners will find the episode to be a quick, yet informative overview of VC funding, and in particular, the unique value propositions of the Health iPASS patient payments solution. If you’d like to hear more about how Health iPASS optimizes patient payments, provides greater price transparency, and boosts patient retention and engagement, go ahead and click below to schedule a demo. Stay tuned for future podcast episodes!