Health iPASS Will Be At The Exscribe 2020 User Meeting!

Ever notice how there are some things that are just better together, like cookies and milk, or peanut butter and jelly? How about Exscribe and Health iPASS?

Let’s say you are a savvy orthopedic provider who has chosen Exscribe as your practice management or EHR partner, and you are looking to make the most of Exscribe’s features and functionality. The Exscribe 2020 User Meeting is the place for you! Join us February 19-22 in Austin, Texas not only to learn how to optimize your use of Exscribe, but also to learn more about how Health iPASS and Exscribe work together to supercharge your patient payment journey from pre-arrival to final payment.

Health iPASS works as the perfect complement to the Exscribe platform. Through our high-level integration Health iPASS provides:

  • Patient Pre-Check with Quickforms: A complete pre-arrival feature set including beautifully designed appointment reminders and digital patient intake forms.
  • Patient Payment Collection: Health iPASS reduces and/or eliminates back-end tasks by consistently collecting co-pays, prior balances, and even residual balances before, during, and after the patient visit.
  • Patient Cost Estimates: Health iPASS lets patients know what they owe pre-arrival, at point-of-service, post-visit, and pre-surgery. Patients informed about costs are more able to make informed care decisions and plan for healthcare expenses.
  • Automated eStatements: Patients may receive an automated eStatement that invites them to pay their bill instantly via a handy online payment portal.

Health iPASS has also recently added HiPPAY to our product family, the complete payment processing platform for all medical practices. HiPPAY offers a low 2.3% processing rate. Compare that with some of the other guys, and you can easily see how you can collect more for much less by switching to HiPPAY.

We have so much more information to share with you! Stop by our booth at the Exscribe 2020 User Meeting for the full story. Hope to see you there!