Health iPASS Welcomes Our Summer Interns!

It’s summertime, and the living’s easy--- especially for us at Health iPASS with the help of our newest crop of summer interns! As a startup company, Health iPASS embraces innovative ideas and fresh perspectives, which is why hiring interns is an important part of our DNA. We also enjoy getting people off to the right start by providing real-world experience and the opportunity to problem-solve in authentic work situations. This year, we have welcomed interns Liam Drury, who is studying marketing at New York University, and Zohaib Baig, who is studying finance at University of Illinois at Chicago. Here’s what they had to say about interning at Health iPASS this summer.


“In previous summers, I completed short, week-long internships at OCA Ventures, a Chicago-based venture capital firm. At OCA I met Imran Ahmad, the current COO of Health iPASS. Months ago, I reached out to Imran about the possibility of a longer summer internship. He asked if I would like to be a part of the Health iPASS team, specifically in marketing, my intended field of study. I quickly jumped at the opportunity, incredibly enthused about the possibility of interning at a startup and being a part of a team where I love the work.

I chose to do a summer internship because I wanted to gain real-world experience and the continuity of a longer stay with one organization. I also value the experience of being part of a marketing team. It’s one thing to learn about marketing in class, it’s an entirely different thing to live it. The best way to describe it is I wanted to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I’ve enjoyed attending meetings and conference calls, as it makes me feel a sense of belonging and legitimizes my career aspirations.  I hope to learn more about the unique role of the marketing team in a startup company. After my first week, I’ve already learned a lot about how a startup works. It’s interesting to watch as all the work people do as individuals comes together to create a bigger whole.”


“The idea of interning at a startup caught my attention as it would give me the necessary exposure into the world of business. I was lacking any true experience and that was the main driving factor for interning at Health iPASS. I’m a part of the Client Success team and have quickly been immersed into the work done here, creating reports, analyzing data, and assisting in any way possible. Being at a startup allows me to work on many different projects and gives me more responsibilities since it is such a tight- knit group. In my short time here, I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues and have acquired a great deal of knowledge. I’m excited to see the growth in myself and the company within the coming months.”

Health iPASS warmly welcomes Liam and Zohaib into the Health iPASS family this summer, and we hope to support them in their future successes!