Health iPASS Makes it Easy to Change with Deep Practice Management System Integration

How many times have you been told that change is the only constant in life? It gets pretty old, am I right? Just because things are always changing doesn’t make it any easier, especially when it comes to making major changes to your practice workflow with new technology.

We know that the thought of changing your revenue cycle management system along with your practice management system and payment processor can be physically painful to comprehend. Trying to onboard a whole new set of technology equals long hours of training, overcoming what can sometimes be a steep learning curve, and of course dealing with an unhappy staff.

Health iPASS avoids those common problems because our platform was designed with user needs in mind. We have developed high levels of integration with some of the most commonly used practice management systems such as Allscripts, Athena, GE Centricity, and NexTech, among many others.  That means you can keep your current PM system, and even your payment processor, and still enjoy the benefits of Health iPASS.

What comes with this “high level of integration?” Glad you asked. Health iPASS provides you access to the following features to help your practice increase operating income while providing the payment convenience the modern healthcare consumer craves.

  • Pre-loading of patient balance and payment prior to appointment
  • Online bill pay via client-branded payment portal
  • Automated verification of insurance benefits
  • Pre-loaded schedule and demographic information
  • Real-time access to patient demographics, appointments, and balances
  • Auto-posting of payments and patient demographic changes
  • Ability to update patient appointment and payment status

These features have the power to decrease manual data entry tasks, allowing your office team to focus on the most important element of your practice— providing the highest quality of care to your patients. We know that change can be hard, but we aim to make changing your patient RCM platform just a little bit easier.