“Go All In” On a Patient Payment Solution at the Bones of PA Conference. Visit Us at Booth #17!

No one likes an unfinished task. One might even say that “a job half done is as good as none.” That’s got to make you wonder-- why are providers only taking half-measures towards fixing a broken patient revenue cycle?

If you have had it with halfway there, it’s time to “go all in” on a comprehensive solution that streamlines all aspects of the patient revenue cycle management (RCM) from appointment to payment. And what do you know? “Go All In” is the theme of the 2018 Pennsylvania Bones conference at the Valley Forge Casino in King of Prussia, PA next week October 24-26.

Health iPASS is the one-stop shop patient RCM platform you’ve been searching for. Let’s start with our pre-arrival features. Before even setting foot in the provider’s office, patients receive client-branded appointment reminders via email, SMS, or voice messaging. They can also make payments on prior balances and fill out forms from the comfort of their own homes instead of schlepping themselves to their provider office early to sit down with a pen and clipboard.   

Using our iPad-based kiosks, patients can quickly check in, verify or change demographic information, pay co-pays, prior balances, or pre-service deposits, and leave a payment-on-file for residual balances. Health iPASS delivers cost estimates pre-arrival, at time-of-service, at claim submission, and pre-surgery. Behind the scenes, Health iPASS clients enjoy real-time auto-posting of payments and demographics changes. We also provide robust patient behavior analytics. I could keep going, but you get the idea.

Come visit Jeremy, Corbin, and Mike at Booth  #17 at the Pennsylvania Bones conference next week, October 24-26 to view a demo of the Health iPASS patient RCM solution and learn more about how we can help you optimize patient payments while providing the convenience and flexibility the modern healthcare consumer demands. If you’re worried about taking a gamble on making meaningful changes to your patient RCM, consider this: you can never win if you never play the game.