Don’t Just Roll the Dice When it Comes to Collecting Patient Payments! Visit Us at #MGMA2019FC Booth #208 to Beat the Odds!

Mark and John V in boothEver feel like collecting patient payments is somewhat of a crap shoot? Statistically, it is, especially if you rely on outdated billing and payment methods like sending paper statements and allowing patient A/R to stagnate over 90+ days because you never asked for patient payment assurance. Did you know that 60 percent of all patients never pay their medical bill once they leave the office? Yikes. I don’t like those odds at all!

The good news is that by adopting an innovative patient revenue cycle solution like Health iPASS and making full use of our array of valuable features, you can collect over 97% of patient residual balances when patients check in using Health iPASS and opt to keep their payment information on file. To find out more, come visit Mark and John at the MGMA 2019 Financial Conference taking place right now in the place where everyone needs the best odds possible, Las Vegas, NV at Booth #208. We urge you to view a demo of the Health iPASS solution that helps our clients enjoy that high level of patient payment collection while providing greater price transparency and boosting patient engagement and loyalty by giving them the patient payment experience they want. What do you have to lose?

With Health iPASS, you can go from watching patient payments walk out that office door to doing the happy dance because you are collecting more than ever from empowered and informed patients who know their costs up front. #somuchwinning