December 14 Webinar Provides Insight on Collecting More in 2017

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It’s a difficult time to be a healthcare practice - which will still be true in 2017.

Collecting from patients, who are often paying out-of-pocket expenses, is a totally different process than collecting from insurance payers. Patients want different things -- they crave clarity, like to evaluate options and value user experience. We'll have to get used to patient payments: 74 percent of providers saw an increase in patient financial responsibility in 2015, according to InstaMed’s trends report.

And it’s not just that patients require a different’s that nobody knows where healthcare is headed. Amid uncertainty about the future of healthcare in the United States, including potential moves toward privatization and the potential elimination of the Affordable Care Act, providers must be both committed to maximizing their revenue in the current age of federally mandated high-deductible health plans and nimble enough to adjust to any changes.

HealthiPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju is hosting a webinar focused on what you can control: maximizing your revenue in high-deductible season and beyond.

Since most patient deductibles reset in January and they will be paying many medical costs out of pocket, optimizing in anticipation of this will mean huge dividends. Are you fully prepared? What can you do to improve?

We’ve helped practices collect 95+ percent of the patient responsibility, and we’re offering some of our core insights free of charge -- so make sure to sign up and save the date!

The presentation portion of the webinar includes insights on:

  • How to navigate the changing payment landscape
  • What high-deductible season could mean for your bottom line
  • Strategies to collect more of the patient responsibility
  • And a better approach to enabling patients

After, there will be a question and answer period in which Voddiraju will address user-submitted topics and challenges that attendees are interested in learning more about.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you on the 14th!