Crain's Chicago Business Interviews Health iPASS Founder & CEO  RajeshVoddiraju

In the NewsIn an article posted April 19th, 2018 based on an interview with Health iPASS CEO Rajesh Voddiraju, Crain’s Chicago Business senior reporter John Pletz asks the question, “How much will you owe for that doctor's appointment?” This very question is what drove Rajesh to found Health iPASS after his own family was faced with medical billing frustrations due to a lack of clarity in the patient collection process.

For anyone who has tried to peer into the murky waters of medical billing, the question is particularly apt. However, to quote Bob Dylan, the times, they are a’ changing. Visiting a doctor or scheduling a medical procedure is moving away from the old system that left patients guessing about their ultimate financial burden. The rise of high deductible health plans, combined with a generation that expects businesses to provide transparent online billing and app-based healthcare management, has created a very different healthcare landscape in which increasingly educated healthcare consumers are empowered to make informed care decisions.

The Health iPASS revenue cycle management solution is positioned to meet the demands of the modern healthcare consumer by increasing price transparency and injecting clarity into the patient collection process.  Health iPASS also benefits medical providers by boosting patient net collections through our intuitive, multi-channel software. After all, when patients know how much they will owe in advance, they are much more likely meet their financial obligations.   

Health iPASS would like to thank Crain’s Chicago Business and John Pletz for the opportunity to share the benefits of the Health iPASS patient revenue cycle management solution with its community. Currently, more than 100 medical providers representing a variety of specialties have become satisfied Health iPASS clients.

For those still searching for ways to improve their revenue cycle management, we urge you to visit our newly re-branded website to learn more about our solution.