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Health iPASS Appoints Sudhakar Ramakrishna to Board of Directors

Health iPASS, the patient revenue cycle technology that helps medical providers to promote price transparency, build trust, and increasing their operating income today announced the appointment of Sudhakar Ramakrishna to their Board of Directors. Mr. Ramakrishna is currently the CEO of Pulse Secure where he oversees all aspects of business strategy and execution. Prior to joining Pulse Secure, Mr. Ramakrishna has held senior and board positions at Motorola, Polycom, Citrix, and Mitel.

Health iPASS simplifies the check-in process and streamlines both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments through an intuitive, multi-channel software solution. As the healthcare industry adjusts to changes that place more financial burden on patients through high deductible health plans (HDHPs), Health iPASS is designed to build patient trust and loyalty and improve the patient experience while helping providers increase income.

“Mr. Ramakrishna’s outstanding business acumen and years of Silicon Valley experience developing and launching client facing technology products is a tremendous asset to Health iPASS as we grow and become the preferred patient revenue cycle solution for medical practices,” commented Rajesh Voddiraju, President and CEO of Health iPASS. “Our Board is comprised of leaders who are responsible for steering us towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical governance and management policies and making sure we have adequate resources and contacts to advance our mission. Mr. Ramakrishna is a perfect fit.”

“I recognize the potential of Health iPASS to fundamentally transform the patient payment experience with their innovative, user-friendly, intuitive revenue cycle solution that has already helped many medical practices realize 90 – 95% patient net collection rates and significantly reduce the cost of collections,” said Mr. Ramakrishna. “My intent is to provide Health iPASS senior leadership with sound counsel and advice based on my experience growing Silicon Valley technology companies. I am optimistic and excited for the future direction of Health iPASS which clearly addresses the growing need for medical providers to be more transparent about pricing and more accommodating to the rising tide of healthcare consumerism.”

About Health iPASS

Health iPASS is redefining the patient revenue cycle by improving the patient experience from appointment to payment. HealthiPASS helps providers promote price transparency, build trust, and increase their operating income by simplifying the check-in process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments through an innovative, multi-channel software solution. Our patient friendly system supports 850+ payers, 90+ practice management systems and is payment processor-agnostic. Many providers have realized 90-95% patient net collection rates, slashed denials by over 50%, and have significantly reduced cost and time to collect. Find out more by visiting our website –

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